Founded in June 2014, it is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is a comprehensive intellectual property service institution registered by the government trademark office and registered in the national trademark office. It is committed to trademark registration, intellectual property infringement, rights protection and management monitoring in more than 200 countries.

There are's business scope: domestic and foreign trademark search, registration, transfer, change, renewal, patent application, retrieval, transfer, invalidation, infringement litigation, copyright registration, customs registration record, the Amazon brand, corporate intellectual property legal counsel, intellectual property infringement litigation, the United States, Hongkong, Shenzhen registered company VAT, the British declaration etc.. Since its foundation, it has worked closely with many platforms, such as Amazon, wish, eBay, Alibaba, etc., to provide professional intellectual property and related legal consulting services for customers. Up to now, it has served over 15000 enterprises.

We always adhere to the "sincere, responsible, efficient" service principle, with "integrity-based, customer first" for the purpose of service. At the same time, we constantly pursue the excellence of professional and service in the field. In order to serve our customers with professional qualities, we regularly train our employees and carry out overseas training related majors for executives.

corporate culture

In the enterprise, we think that "Tongren" meaning should go beyond the "employees" colleagues ", because we are not just personal needs and forced to work in a place, we hope to Asia is a realization of your personal understanding of life, career expectation, achievement of personal value platform. So in Ya Yi, I think there's only a colleague, no employees.

  • Colleagues:

    Concentric, Palit, companion!
    Concentric: understanding and deep recognition of the company's career direction and development goals
    Tongde: vision and understanding and action to promote company values
    Peer: accept and accept the unknown challenge for the state and what the company is doing
  • The core values of enterprise:

    Customer satisfaction: superior service surpasses expected
    Integrity: King Kong love
    industry. The best play to unity and cooperation:
    Opportunity: all rivers run into sea tolerance
  • The spirit of enterprise advocacy:

    Responsible, dependable, outspoken.

Core advantage

Service customer

It has served more than 15000 cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade enterprises and high and new technology enterprises. It is the designated service organization of Zhongxing, HUAWEI, ORICO and other large enterprises.

Business coverage

In the long run, we should focus on overseas intellectual property rights, providing customers with integrated overseas intellectual property services such as trademark, patent application, legal advice, intellectual property management and monitoring, tort litigation and rights protection.

Professional team

A group of Jingyuan rich, high professional level and comprehensive ability of high-quality intellectual property and legal professionals, law, science and engineering professionals have graduated from famous universities at home and abroad

Cooperative organization

The more than 200 countries and regions have worked closely with the Alibaba, Amazon, wish, eBay and other platforms.

  • Company vision

  • The world's most influential intellectual property service