Copyright application

Copyright is copyright, and it is on the computer program Preface, literary works, music works, and The legal of the reproduction rights of films, films, and so on Ownership. Unless transferred to the other party, Copyright is usually considered to be the author.

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The importance of copyright registration

  • Propaganda

    Propagandize one's own work to the society through a periodic announcement by the copyright agency.

  • protect

    Registration once, lifelong protection, when the work is plagiarized, the protection of rights has the basis

  • make money

    The registration copyright adds value to the work, the transfer of the copyright and the authorization, which can help you to make money.

  • glory

    Enjoy the state authority certificate "copyright certificate publication and issue no longer worry"

  • welfare

    Tax relief for the copyright granted by the state

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Which works can register copyright?

  • Art works

    Logo, comic, cartoon, etc

  • a piece of software

    Web site, APP, source code, etc.

  • writings

    A novel, a script, a lyric, a paper, etc

  • Music works

    Songs, ringtones, music, etc

  • Photography

    Photo, photo, etc

  • Film and television works

    TV dramas, microfilms, advertising films, etc.

  • Engineering works

    Engineering, circuit, clothing design drawings, maps

  • More works

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