patent application

Patent right, referred to as "patent", is the issue. The creator of the Ming dynasty or its rights assignee The invention within in a certain period of time The exclusive right to implement the law is knowledge A kind of property right.

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Free access to the patent analysis report

Comprehensive assessment of application risk

Whether the object of application is protected by the Patent Law Whether the analysis satisfies novelty, creativity, and practicality

What is the use of patent application?

  • Access to market monopoly

    Prevent infringement, build core competitiveness and maintain a leading position

  • Increase the value of the enterprise and the opportunity for financing to go on the market

    Increasing the intangible assets of enterprises to attract investors' attention

  • Apply for high and new technology enterprise certification and tax relief

    Requisite conditions for applying national high tech enterprises and national awards

  • Credit loan promotion tool

    The highest availability of bank credit 5 million is also an important condition for the evaluation of professional titles

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